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   Independent Record Label In Floyd County, Ky
Studio 95% COMPLETE !

Featuring Multiple Recording Spaces to suit any style of musician, Be It Solo or Multiple Artists!!!

Stay Up To Date With ALL upcoming Events

Any & Everything TRAPPALACHIA will Appear On This Website Along with anyone who is affiliated with Trappalachia Empire LLC.  It Is Our Number One Priority to Maintain Full Transparency pertaining to all events, dates & scheduled start times AS SOON as We Know Them!!! 

Venue Organization & Promotion

Why stop with just a recording studio? Venue Organization & Promotion are EXACTLY as they sound!!! We take ALL the hassle away from the artist when it comes to securing a venue and then setting up the scene...BUT WAIT!!! We go ONE Extra Step when it comes to our business model!

We will also provide Promotion of each event so the artist can have maximum time to really key into their craft, without having to worry about promoting their own event.

Fully Equipped Studio For  Content Creation!!

Not to give away too many of our features just yet....This Studio "Really Is" The One Stop Shop when it comes to Content Creation! We come pre-loaded with everything from Portable Gear to our very own "IN-STUDIO GREEN ZONE!" No matter the project, we're sure to have the situation covered! 

Film & Photo READY!!!

Ever Thought about taking the musical leap to attempt creating a music video?  What about some cool photos that you could turn into personalized posters?  We cover everything from photo shoots to music videos & SOON, we will be expanding our services outside of the music sector to fulfill any level of endeavor, be it a wedding photo shoot or some rad videos at the local skate park. We will also be offering COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENT VIDEOS for any business or entity who may be interested.

Trappalachia Empire is ALWAYS LOOKING For Talented & Aspiring Individuals!!

From all corners of the spectrum, TAE welcomes anyone who is willing to bring forth their individual skills in order to pursue a future in a field they are passionate about. Be it photography, video production, Sound Engineering or even Set Design, we have room for anyone who is looking to advance within any field we provide. So if you feel any of this pertains to you, head on down to the bottom of this webpage and shoot us a quick message!! 


About the Business                             &

   Established In February 2023, Trappalachia Empire found its beginning in the small area of Langley, which is in Floyd County, Ky.

   The Owner and CEO of Trappalachia Empire (Wilfredo Dominguez) began his vision of music production as an independent artist at the age of 16. Through the many trials and tribulations of his time in the music scene, he slowly shifted into the business aspect of the industry.

   As of Feb. 2023, at the age of 36 years old, he has accomplished his biggest dream to date...His very Own Record Label.


   Trappalachia Empire prides itself on bringing opportunity to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky,

be it Country music to Rock n Roll and even Rap/Hip-hop + SO MUCH MORE!

   "Music is NOT the only thing Trappalachia Empire is bringing to the table" says CEO Wilfredo Dominguez.

 "There's so many things we have coming in 2023 alone."

RD trappalachia artist


spotlight pic
trappalachia empire artist spotlight

Floyd County, Kentucky (606)

Music Genre:   "Rap / R&B / Hip-Hop"

Artist Name:     "RD"

Name:    Rico Dominguez

Birthplace:     Columbus, OH

Born Oct. 2, 1997 in Columbus, Ohio, making RD a Buckeye by birth. It wouldn't take long before he would journey to the land of The Bluegrass, where he resides today, in Floyd County, Kentucky.

   At a young age, he was influenced by the music culture due to the guidance of his two older brothers. He spends his days networking, promoting, producing & organizing music and events for both his self and other artists. 

   Although rooted into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, he challenges himself to overcome the adversity of small traditional culture with hopes of inoculating outside genres of music such as R&B / Hip-Hop, into the main music streams of Eastern Kentucky, which are currently dominated by Country music.

   "The dream is GROWTH, not just for me but for everyone here! These people are like my family. So, in return I want to give them a way to come together as a whole and celebrate as a community."


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Beats 4 you

Episode 1: "Say What?"

All  Trappalachia Footage Can Be Found On Our YouTube Channel! Come Check Out ALL The Cool Stuff We're Into As We Create Opportunities For The People In The Appalachia Mountains!! 

Appalachia SUP Rentals
"An Eastern Ky Business"

                     Location: Floyd County, Kentucky          Operation Hours: 8am-6pm Daily


paddleboard photo.png

Rental Rates

Per Hour:
$8 (1-4 Hours)

     1/2 Day: $25  (5 Hours)

Full Day:  $50   (10 Hours)

         *Overnight:  $75  (14-15 Hours) 

ENTIRE DAY:  $75  (24 Hours)

Payment Options

cashapp logo.jpg
venmo logo.jpg
paypal logo.jpg

Cashapp: $trappempire



CASH      On-Site

Due to the newly adopted policies that KY State Parks have began enforcing, We will be adjusting our rental prices to help ease the burden of this disappointing decision brought on by our state reps. With that being said, "Happy Swimming Everyone!"

Located in the heart of Eastern Kentucky, Appalachia SUP Rentals introduces the first Stand-Up Paddleboard rental of it's kind in the Floyd County Area. Although its roots are in Floyd County, "App SUP Rentals" envisions a future where not only the people of the county can profit from these experiences... but the WHOLE ENTIRE state! So stick around and watch as we slowly paddle our amazing business to a town near YOU!

Mobility is our #1  PRIORITY!!!  You Can Schedule A Rental By  Contacting Us Below. 
 Just fill out the message form at the bottom of this page with the date and time frames of your rental  and we will be back in touch to accomodate your arrangments.
How We Do Things Is Simple:
Each Inflatable Paddleboard comes with its own accessories to get you on the water QUICKLY!
Weighing in at around 20-22 Lbs in total weight, this entire package is conveniently packed away within a durable hiking sized backpack. 

After a brief session of verbal legalities & waiver signing, we run you through a quick "hands-on" lesson pertaining to the control and operation of the watercraft. Once confident in the ability of the rider, we will continue on to the payment portion of the service. 
    Once the GREEN light has been given,'' ITS ALL OVER BUT THE GOOD TIMES!!''
see you guys at the end of the ride!!! 
Ohh Yea, Did we mention that once your rental agreement is complete, your FREE to do WHATEVER you wish with your watercraft! (well....lets keep it within the laws & Regulations)
If it be a local stream, river, lake or even ocean, your ready to "Rock It!!"                            THATS THE BEST PART!!!


Or you simply just want to rent one of our Stand-Up Paddleboards.

Reach out with any questions or ideas and
let's make some magic happen. 

Thanks for submitting!

Into Nature? Adventure Much? Do You Like Binge Watching Survival Videos?? So Does The CEO Of Trappalachia Empire!! Therefore, We Have A Little Of EVERYTHING That The Outdoors Are Willing To Offer!!

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